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Kellian Cross

Here is Kellian’s professional vocalist and voice-over artist website:

Even though she is an excellent singer with a uniquely soulful ethereal sound, she has tremendous chops in the music production department as well. I (Ramaji) wrote the lyrics and coordinated the production. Not knowing quite what to expect, I brought the music to her with my lyrics for her to sing.

Then she “did her thing” to come up with final musical production that you hear now. She displayed fantastic creativity that I did not expect.

It is a dream come true for me to get these songs out. As exciting as I knew it would be to express my spiritual self in this way, she made the experience even better thanks to her exceptional talents and unrelenting drive for excellence.

If you are interested in hiring a vocal artist, Kellian Cross gets my highest recommendation. Granted she is exceptionally gifted vocally. What she also brings to the table is a tremendous work ethic and level of responsibility and commitment often lacking with creative individuals. Kellian is the complete package!

Kellian is also quite photogenic. Here are some of her publicity photos so that you can appreciate the many creative moods of the lovely and talented Kellian Cross, professional vocalist and voice-over artist.












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