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Claire Cerridwen Davies

Claire Cerridwen Davies, U. K.

Dear Ramaji,

I have had a big shift in consciousness I was wondering if the Shaktipat was taking place already! I keep feeling my crown chakra tingle. Thank you so much for the blessing the other day 😉 I really felt the energy and had such beautiful dreams … sort of interspersed with energy surges and slipping in and out of different realities.

I do feel different 😉 it could of course be that I have someone to connect with on the earth plane that has answers to my questions! Usually people expect me to have the answers lol Did you suggest three shaktipats? If so I’d like to book another one and two of my friends would like one too… Let me know how best you think it is for me to continue to raise my LOC with you 😉

Effects are subtle but profound! I’ve actually felt a little bit on shifting sands and experienced a change/shift. With clients amazing insights pop into my head I’ve really noticed that! With clients so emotional as I’ve untangled there blah!

I’ve been more aware of my thoughts … Sometimes I can spin into a spiral when the old tape starts playing but I’ve been able to halt that process and examine what the belief system is that creates the thought and so on … I’ve managed to close a door on a very old wound rather peacefully. I’m not yet enlightened I think I slip in and out and experience moments of non duality! I’d like to progress further certainly.

My intuition is razor sharp! Like a laser beam! I feel really connected and most fears have dissipated. I’m willing to follow my bliss and silence my ego. Also and this is a big shift! I always wanted to escape my ego and ‘get out of it’ but recently I’ve been do grateful to it for how it has served me so far and I feel more like integrating and living it rather than stepping out of it! It’s served me well rather than being my enemy … What else? I’ve met or connected to a man who’s evolved and a vibrational match … I never thought that would occur and just a whole series of people have been drawn to me.

I love it but I have felt the initial euphoria and wowness subside which made me think yeah it’s integrated! Time for my next leap lol Feel free to add my testimonial etc to the website. I’m happy to promote and support you in getting this energy out there! Thank you for your generosity of spirit and your energy!

Claire Cerridwen Davies, United Kingdom,

H. D. Bangladesh

H. D., Bangladesh

Dear Ramaji,

Although it has been only 1.5 days since I have received RASA from you, I can’t wait any longer to tell you about the effect of RASA on me. I have observed a sharp decrease of mundane thoughts. If one person goes from a very crowded and noisy place to a quiet library, he will definitely feel the silence. Similarly I can experience the silence. It’s like the noises of thoughts in my head are muted or put on a lower decibel. It’s wonderful!!

When I took RASA (Saturday morning in our time zone), I felt the slight feeling of pressure above my head all day. However, on second day of RASA, I don’t feel this sensation anymore. Thanks for your amazing RASA session with me.

H. D., Bangladesh

2013-02-13-13.56.07-1-crop2-300x293 Chris Stewart, Australia

Dear Ramaji,

The session itself was simple and short. Resting into the breath I soon noticed that my state had shifted, subtly more even and brighter. I felt/saw as if three fire pokers were removed from the top of my heart and then a greater spaciousness was obvious around the top of my head.

I then noticed there was an energy descending, or perhaps emerging in and as me, because there was no front edge to it, no wave as it entered and transformed, it just smoothly became me. It had the quality of deep relaxation and a subtle yet thick bliss. It was profoundly subtle and extremely full field of Goddess Love, as if an ocean was above me pouring into/through/as me with the barest golden hue, if it ever glinted in the immense darkness, and despite the sense of scale it felt utterly intimate.

The sense of the descending field of love continued through a brief meditation, and then uninterrupted through an argument with my partner where I got quite emotionally triggered. Experiencing that was remarkable.

It reached a point hours later, around sundown, where the vibrational impact felt so deep and full that I needed to lay down. Some organic processing or subtle-digesting occurred over a few hours…. phone call from my partner, a completely unexpected breakthrough between us into deeper harmony, and then I noticed I felt clear, brighter and smoother throughout my inner awareness.

Chris Stewart,


Mary, Southern California (Asked to Remain Anonymous)

RASA #1 (April, 2014):

My first sense was the odd dichotomy of the loud external plane take-off sounds vs. the Deep, Silent, Stillness where “I” was somehow present in. I could hear the the external sounds, but the Silence was so much louder. My body disappeared, I had no sensation of my body except one point where my ankle bone touched my leg as I sat in a cross legged position. The session felt decades long, time wise, but not accompanied by any feeling of “when will this end”…rather the sense was here is Home. Here It is. Felt some pressure at the base of my skull at one point, but the Deep Awareness of this right side of my chest seemed all that was…cocoon like, actually. Felt so deeply present, enveloped in the strength of Stillness.

A couple of hours later I had to lie down, felt quite tired. And then the sensation was of an internal purposeful “spring cleaning” within my body. It felt like an orchestrated directed cleanse of my internal body. I tried to talk on the phone after and realized I couldn’t hold the other persons thoughts to respond…I really needed to still sit and be silent.

I can say now I feel alive, the right side of my chest “feels”…where before I found peace there, but it felt restricted. I feel some opening there, with the left Heart sometimes seeming to palpate/ pressure/ almost to distract me from journeying to the Right side. It feels like it is trying to energetically push thru some tributary from my left Heart to my right Heart. Thank you. Thank you.

RASA #2 (May, 2014):

I am still feeling the after effects/glow of the first RASA:) My primary loudest shift is the newfound palpable awareness of that Space of pure Awareness. A knowing of what that “feels” like for me, as of now. It indeed seems to always remind me throughout the day, either through gentle beckoning or some negative emotional trigger to “remember me, bring me forward, sink into me, i am all that.” And a delicate dance ensues of remembering, forgetting, merging.

Wanted to share my Rasa #2 experience: I feel an extra bright illumination localized in my head region, it is so full and alive. There is some slight pressure at the base of my skull, but what I am most cognizant of is the pressure in a short section of the suborbital ridges of both my eyes( i know, like weird and precise:). The sensation is as if something is “stuck” there and the Light is working on opening.

Deep calm envelops. Beams of light emanate from my head down into my body/field and appear like streamers of swaying ribbon connected to the top of a Maypole. I feel as if I go “in and out” with my mind…one minute remembering I need to pay a bill, the next oh yes, I want to sink in here…although there is no anxiety to make the thoughts or experience any different.

I see a flash of Babaji before me and think it must be my mind remembering a picture I saw of him recently. And then in a flash I am out of my body and observing myself sitting in lotus posture floating in “Space.” Calmness is. I have the sensation of different energetic “layers” of my body being shown. From the right side of my body, streams of light are precisely directed into these different layers. I am witnessing this light show. And then I feel you ending the session. I was quite tired after meditating and went to sleep for a deep 20 minutes.

It is as if my “alive” switch has been turned on since receiving these sessions and talking with you. There seems to be a very active internal “doing” re: working with emotions/thoughts, but it seems to be supported by this new awareness of Awareness. I feel as if a “spark” has been lit within. Life is happening as always, yet another “life” is simultaneously happening…that’s what it feel like! Who am “I”? What is this “I”? Who is “I”? Right Heart, sinking, beckoning, remembering. Deep heart gratitude. I am truly grateful you are here in my life. Wow!!! So in awe of the always unfolding.

You bring a joy and a smile, thanks, Mary from California

Introduction to RASA with Ramaji

The RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) Blessing in support of non-dual awakening takes about 15 minutes over Skype. We will talk a bit first — up to 45 minutes if you like — but the actual RASA is conducted in silence. Ramaji will do the non-dual RASA transmission for your enlightenment while you sit in a relaxed receptive state.

As of October, 2015, more than 100 people around the world have attained enlightenment as a direct result of receiving RASA from Ramaji. These people are stable in non-duality above LOC 640. This is not just an experience that came and went. They live as an enlightened person. Of the 100+ enlightened persons, currently 70+ are stabilized at LOC 1000. The other 30 are above LOC 640 but below LOC 1000.

Your consultation prior to receiving the RASA transmission in support of non-dual awakening can be on any subject. Feel free to ask any and all questions that you may have. Ramaji teaches Advaita and non-duality teachings based on his personal and original work with and experience of Self-inquiry, Amrita Nadi and the Heart on the right in the tradition of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

A married householder, Ramaji has a deep background in non-dual Tantra as a dedicated devotee of Divine Mother Kali Ma since 1982. He was been a serious dedicated practitioner of Buddhist Vipassana meditation under the tutelage of Venerable Shinzen Young. His experience with Kundalini begin at the age of 16, blossoming as a full Kundalini uprising through the Crown chakra and then down into the Heart on the right.

RASA is a direct non-dual Satsang (communion with Truth) transmission. If you are below 640 LOC (Level of Consciousness) at the time of your first RASA, it will facilitate your entry into non-dual (Unity or Oneness) consciousness. It is typical for a receptive person to shift to 1000 LOC right after receiving RASA. Stabilization above 640 is a different matter, but a strong “taste” of non-duality is often delivered to and enjoyed by the recipient.

If you do not have a free Skype account, please get one. Just go to

When you create your Skype account, use a recent image of yourself. For your Skype RASA session with Ramaji, video Skype is preferred. For the best connection and transmission, Ramaji needs to have your visual information, not just the audio of your voice. If you do not have the right set up for video Skype, the RASA transmission can still be delivered via audio Skype or your telephone. In that case, you will need to email Ramaji a recent picture. You can contact Ramaji via the Contact Form (top left on this web site) to make arrangements for your audio Skype or telephone RASA session. The RASA transmission can also be delivered by meditation appointment.

When you are ready and have made your donation for your video Skype session, contact Ramaji on Skype and make a “contact request.”

Ramaji is listed on Skype in two ways. One is “Ramaji.” The other is “advaita4idiots.” One or the other will take you to Ramaji’s Skype location in San Diego.

How Is My Skype RASA Session Structured?

RASA is available to all. You do not have to become a student of Ramaji to receive it. You do not need to follow any belief system. You do not even have to believe in God. Just believe in RASA enough to receive RASA. The non-dual Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement (RASA) transmission is for everyone.

After you make your voluntary love donation (dakshinam) as your sincere gift to the teacher in exchange for deeksha (spiritual blessing) or shaktipat (transfer of Grace to quicken your enlightenment process) from Ramaji, Ramaji will approve your access to him on Skype. You will be contacted via email to schedule your first RASA session. We must first make contact on Skype. We cannot Skype at the time of our Skype session unless we have first contacted each other on Skype.

Ramaji will take the time to answer any questions you may have about RASA. He will also be happy to answer any other spiritual questions you may have. This is included in the one hour allotted for your non-dual RASA transmission. If you have no questions, the first session can be quite brief as the RASA transmission (download of divine Light from above the Crown) itself takes just a few minutes.

Please allow up to one hour for your first RASA session. After RASA, sit quietly for up to 15 minutes to absorb the non-dual spiritual download. Even though your Level of Consciousness (LOC) may shoot up rapidly, a difficult “detox” experience is unlikely. The RASA transmission incorporates the universal feminine descending divine force which is known for its extreme gentleness yet profound effectiveness.

Although Ramaji uses the term “shaktipat” to help describe RASA, the RASA transmission should not be confused with conventional shaktipat that involves the transfer of the guru’s personal spiritual energy to the submissive student. The RASA transmission utilizes the universal descending divine force. It is not Ramaji’s personal energy. Ramaji considers himself to be the agent or midwife for Divine Mother’s unlimited Love, Grace and Power. Without Her, he can do nothing.

If you are already at 640 or higher on Ramaji’s LOC (Levels of Consciousness) scale when you receive RASA, then it will help you move higher in your enlightenment frequency to stabilize closer to or even at 1000 LOC (the top level). Ramaji would like to move as many people as possible to LOC 1000, the highest Level of Consciousness on the planet today.

Remember, distance is no obstacle. The RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) transmission has proven itself to be as effective, if not more effective, when delivered long distance over video Skype versus in person at live Satsang events.

RAMAJI’S SKYPE NAME: “advaita4idiots” in San Diego

A voluntary love donation is requested in advance for the first RASA. An equal donation is requested for each RASA that you receive. This is so that a genuine exchange of value takes place between you and Ramaji.

You will find the PayPal button for making the donation for your “Standard” RASA session with Ramaji at the bottom of this web page:

The button near the very bottom of the page is set for the current voluntary love donation amount.


Please go to

The recommended number of RASA blessings is at least THREE. Your RASA transmission experience has the power to change your life for the better literally within hours. This is because the power and love of Divine Mother is behind it. The RASA experience takes 15 minutes. The benefits can last for a lifetime.

Information about the Coaching session option is also found on this page. The Coaching sessions are 2 to 2 1/2 hours long. They are suitable for people with deep or chronic issues including but not limited to Kundalini, chakra damage and blocks, aura (energy field) vulnerabilities, super-sensitivity to energy (interpersonal and electromagnetic influences such as wireless and cell phones) and psychic cords with people. Ramaji has been doing consultations of this type since he was 16 years ago. He is able to see exactly where the Kundalini has risen to in a person. He can also see with exceptional accuracy what is obstructing the Kundalini or preventing it from rising further. For more information about Coaching with Ramaji, please go to

Why Is a Monetary Donation Requested?

A donation via the above PayPal button is requested prior to each RASA session. This is so that the exchange of value between you and Ramaji is maintained. Ramaji has found that this monetary donation makes the process simpler and easier for everybody. At one time, Ramaji offered RASA for free. He has found that charging a reasonable amount of money helps to illuminate and empower the roles of the participants. The RASA recipient enjoys a new level of receptitivity because the nature of the transaction is precisely defined in a way that is familiar and comfortable for the recipient.

This fair and reasonable monetary contribution adds a surprising degree of energetic clarity and aliveness to your RASA session. It makes it more beneficial and useful to you in the moment and for the long-term. Ramaji has tried it both ways, offering RASA for free and for this modest donation. He has consistently found that the results were much better when there was a monetary donation. Whatever the reason, the results prove the RASA is stronger and more uplifting if the RASA recipient pays something.

When RASA raises your LOC into non-dual levels of Unity consciousness, the true value of RASA is found to be, in a word, priceless. The permanent upliftment of consciousness that RASA delivers cannot be purchased anywhere for any amount of money. It is from Divine Source, from Divine Mother, the Feminine aspect of God that is found in most religions and spiritual traditions.

It is also true that in the West, people tend to value and appreciate services that have cost them some money. The requested love donation for the RASA transmission in support of non-dual awakening has been kept low enough that just about anyone can receive RASA from Ramaji. In the event that a person does not have the requested amount, he or she can personally contact Ramaji and make a request to work something out. There is always a solution if you sincerely want to receive RASA!

When your consciousness is raised up into enlightened frequencies, this lucid luminous exposure delivered via the RASA transmission is life healing. For those who are able to stabilize in the higher enlightened states, then life will never be the same again. A beautiful new world is opened up to them.

Without apparent effort, solely due to their receptivity, they have attained and stabilized in the enlightened state. This is the power of Grace. This is the power of RASA. This is not the personal power of Ramaji. He is just the agent who assists in the delivery of the RASA. The divine transformational force that is the source of RASA and its effectiveness is Divine Mother.

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