Music at the Frequency of Enlightenment


SUPREME SELF by RAMAJI UNITY is a unique digital musical album that is 100% FREE to listen to and download from this website. Each of the mp3 songs has been intentionally programmed by spiritual teacher Ramaji at to transmit a frequency at the level of enlightenment. According to Ramaji, that would be a Level of Consciousness (LOC) of 600 or higher.

At the same time, it conveys a joyful message of conscious fully embodied celebration. The songs take the listener into the revolutionary spiritual world of non-duality and Advaita in a brand new way.

You can LISTEN FOR FREE to all of these spiritually elevating songs on SUPREME SELF RIGHT HERE on this website. Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity to effortlessly raise your consciousness while having a musical blast!

These songs are not just uplifting. They are fun, saucy, humorous, exciting, powerful, joyful, healing and transformational. It is believed that just listening to the songs with headphones and singing along — really getting into the songs! — could lift you right up into an enlightened non-dual space.

Please share the news about the fantastic songs on SUPREME SELF by RAMAJI UNITY. Tell your friends! And don’t forget to tell them that they are 100% FREE… right here at By the way, no worries… all of the songs are complete (not just teasers). Check out the FULL LYRICS on this site, too.

The title song “Supreme Self (1000)” describes the journey to and attainment of the universal Supreme Self which brings realization of ultimate peace, love and happiness. This song ties into a major new breakthrough book by Ramaji called 1000 now available on in Kindle and print formats.

In 1000 Ramaji gives an overview of human consciousness and the stages of enlightenment (from LOC 600 to LOC 1000). Ramaji’s books can be found on For more information about Ramaji, his books and the unique RASA Blessing transmission for non-dual awakening, please visit

The other songs on the album share other aspects of the joy of non-dual enlightenment such as peace, love, meditation and bliss. The FULL LYRICS for all of the songs are found on this website.

SUPREME SELF has been a true team effort. If you like the enchanting ethereal female voice that makes this album so beautiful, please check out the lovely and talented Kellian Cross whose vocal talents grace the album. Next we want to express our gratitude to our brilliant and gifted music production team (Kustom at for the fantastic backing music tracks.

The music engineer who did a super job of mastering the final songs is the refreshingly creative Shawn Rainey (at Last and far from least is Catherine Archer-Wills (at, the gifted graphic artist who created the amazing cover for SUPREME SELF by RAMAJI UNITY to convey the album’s spiritually intoxicating mood of blissful enlightened celebration from the Heart.